Privacy Policy

Keeping it simple. Where “you” is you, the visitor, and “me” is me, James Tiplady; this website...

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  • ...uses Google Analytics, a third-party analytics platform, to record basic anonymous data about your visit to the website, including general geographic location, length of visit, and browser and operating system type;
  • ...uses an industry-standard web service to serve the website to you, which in doing so will log basic anonymous data about your visit to the website, including IP address and time of visit, to a temporary and private log file that is regularly cleared;
  • ...will remain accessible if you disable the use of cookies in your browser, though some features of the website may not work properly;
  • ...will, if you choose to complete and submit the contact form, create and send an email message to me containing the information you have entered, which will not then be stored by the website in any further form;
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If you have questions about this website's use of data, or about this privacy policy, you should contact me via the contact links at the bottom of the homepage.