Game of Thrones: The Exhibition · Summer 2015

For HBO’s 2015 touring exhibition promoting the release of Season 5 of Game of Thrones, POKE helped create two digital experiences to be included in the show. These featured visitors being comped into personalised image and video assets from the series – live on the show floor in specially-constructed booths – and were delivered to show-goers via a companion site that I built.

The companion site supported events in eight countries and featured content translated into five languages, including Hebrew (which is displayed right-to-left). I made use of Nginx geoIP and Django’s translation framework to serve tailored content to visitors from the supported countries and translate the site’s boilerplate into their language – making use of Loco to marshall the various translations contributed by HBO partners around the world.

By the end of the exhibition tour we had generated over 150,000 pieces of media for visitors and weathered heavy traffic from the multiple international ticket launches and other press that brought hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site for each event.