Cocoa Runners

Summer 2017

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Jekyll
  • WordPress

I was approached by Quick People to assist in performance optimisation of chocolate subscription maestros Cocoa Runners’ veteran WordPress/WooCommerce site. After preparing an initial report I was asked to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty (not to mention occasionally covered in chocolate) and set about creating a brand-new front-end theme free of the legacy cruft that was slowing down the site.

I built out this new theme as a static set of styles and templates, using Jekyll for local templating, then handed these off to Quick People to turn into a WordPress/WooCommerce theme.

The usual challenges of creating flexible templates for the wide variety of views involved in an e-commerce site were very much in evidence, but through an adaptable component catalogue and sensible re-usable styling I was able to iterate over these quickly, and once integrated the end result was really something to be proud of, and a significant performance and usability improvement on its predecessor.

Tablet device illustration
Cocoa Runners homepage template, desktop layout

This preview is scrollable!

Cocoa Runners homepage template, desktop layout