• UDO Audio

    UDO Audio

    Showcasing electronic musical instrument makers based in Bristol

  • Edinburgh Park

    Edinburgh Park

    Marketing site for mixed-use real estate development, built on Craft

  • Connected


    Showcasing inspirational collaborative design project during COVID-19

  • Climb Bandits

    Climb Bandits

    Weaponising the Strava API for competitive local hill-climbing

  • Roadsage


    London street geography game written in React

  • Goya Design Studio

    Goya Design Studio

    Animation-rich microsite

  • SharpEnd


    Portfolio showcase for London IoT agency

  • The Royal Docks

    The Royal Docks

    Community hub and marketing site for epic London regeneration project

  • Digbeth


    Marketing site for neighbourhood regeneration in Birmingham

  • CO—RE


    Brand site for central London property developer

  • Gresham St. Paul’s

    Gresham St. Paul’s

    Marketing microsite for City real estate development

  • Fontaine Decorative Antiques

    Fontaine Decorative Antiques

    Responsive full-stack catalogue build for Kent antiques dealer

  • World Economic Forum

    World Economic Forum

    Interactive SVG chart written in React

  • Hoffmann Centre

    Hoffmann Centre

    Rich publication platform for environmental policy think tank

  • Cocoa Runners

    Cocoa Runners

    Clean and tidy new responsive front-end for WooCommerce site

  • This Here

    This Here

    Disrupted responsive portfolio and CMS for London creative agency

  • Plinth


    Responsive Shopify theme build for contemporary art collective

  • Absolut Future Bar Experience

    Absolut Future Bar Experience

    Future bar experience installation

  • New London Architecture

    New London Architecture

    Cordova/AngularJS iPad app to power interactive city model

  • Puckhaber Decorative Antiques

    Puckhaber Decorative Antiques

    Fully responsive media-rich catalogue for London antiques dealer

  • Turnbull & Asser

    Turnbull & Asser

    A fittingly luxurious front-end build for Royal Warrant shirtmakers

  • Game of Thrones: The Exhibition

    Game of Thrones: The Exhibition

    Companion site for international series tie-in event

  • Here East

    Here East

    Media-rich online experience to promote redevelopment of London Olympic site

  • Secret Cinema

    Secret Cinema

    Three companion site builds for brilliant Secret Cinema events

  • Lillie Road Association

    Lillie Road Association

    Promotional site for collective of London antiques dealers

  • Suncaster


    Geolocation-based sunset forecaster

Open-Source Projects

  • django-admin-thumbnails
    • Django

    A Django app to assist in adding thumbnails for your model's image fields to admin list views and forms in a reasonably DRY manner.

    View project
  • django-simpleinliner
    • Django

    A simple Django app for inlining static CSS and JS files in templates. Read CSS, JS or generic files from your static directories and inline them in your Django templates, wrapping in appropriate HTML tags if necessary.

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  • sysprep.sh
    • Digital Ocean
    • Ubuntu

    A shell script for running initial setup actions on new Ubuntu virtual servers. For use-cases where proper state-management infrastructure (e.g. Salt) – or the work required to maintain it – might be considered overkill.

    View project