James Tiplady’s Hyperlinks Etc is written and produced by James Tiplady.

The site uses webfonts including Lato by Ɓukasz Dziedzic and League Gothic by The League of Movable Type; the logotype uses Pacifico by Vernon Adams.

JavaScript behaviours are powered by jQuery, Underscore.js and Backbone.js and coralled into a semblance of organisation with RequireJS. Also used are Ben Alman’s jQuery Throttle/Debounce, fancyApps’ fancyBox and Nathan Searles’ SlidesJS. Dan Leech provided the fine social icons.

The backend uses Django, Pillow, South, and boto, among many other great tools and libraries.

All code is written in Atom for OS X (no vim yet, I’m afraid) and source managed with git. Grunt powers SASS compilation and RequireJS optimisation. Cross-browser testing is carried out via BrowserStack.

Hosted by Digital Ocean (referral link).

With thanks to Fred Flade and Will Cheyney for design consultation and Nicolas Gallagher for help and inspiration for Twitter integration.