James Tiplady’s Hyperlinks, Etc is written and produced by James Tiplady.

The site uses webfonts including Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic and League Gothic by The League of Movable Type; the logotype uses Pacifico by Vernon Adams.

Dan Leech provided the fine social and technology brand icons. Min Tran designed the device vector graphics used in the portfolio. Icons from several Noun Project designers are also used; full credits can be found in humans.txt.

The front-end toolchain uses Webpack as a bundler for SASS and JavaScript dependencies, with autoprefixer, Bourbon, sanitize.css, Normalize.css, and Babel for ES6 features. jQuery is used for DOM manipulation; Ben Alman’s jQuery Throttle/Debounce is used for event handler performance optimisation; David DeSandro’s imagesloaded library helps with realtime image wrangling.

The back-end platform is Django, and the toolchain involves Vagrant, Virtualenv, Fabric, and CircleCI. Hosted by Digital Ocean (referral link). All code is written in Atom for MacOS (no vim yet, I’m afraid) and source managed with git. Cross-browser testing is carried out via BrowserStack. Boxy SVG and SVGOMG deserve special mention for their invaluable utility in SVG creation, editing and optimisation.

With thanks to Fred Flade and Will Cheyney for design consultation on the initial version of this rewrite, way back in 2014, and Nicolas Gallagher for help and inspiration for Twitter integration.