The Reckoning of the Finish

A Life Well Wasted – possibly the most thoughtful videogame-related podcast ever – is back, and the new episode is something special. Robert Ashley talks to several indie game developers about their work, and one quote in particular – from Greg Wohlwend, one of the developers of Gasketball – struck a chord with me, given what I wrote about finishing things last week.

He remarks:

There's something kind of magical about an unreleased game – like when Gasketball [was] unreleased it's like a sort of lotto ticket in your hand or something, like even though it's never going to make you 250 million dollar Powerball, it's just– anything is possible; it can go in one of one hundred directions, and when that's not the case but you still have to work on this thing that is sort of failed and has all these things tying it down, like emotions and poor choices and your past and you've got to whip it up into shape when that's the last thing you want to do.

Sums it up better than I could. Finishing means your work has to stand on its own two feet. You can listen to A Life Well Wasted here, and you should.