Indie Game: The Movie

Yesterday one of my esteemed colleagues alerted me to the recent release of Indie Game: The Movie, so last night I sat down with a friend to watch it. We were both absolutely blown away by it. It's a beautifully shot documentary following a few different developers as they work on or reflect upon their titles – Jonathan Blow talks Braid, the guys from Team Meat hustle to finish Super Meat Boy for its XBLA release, and Phil Fish drags Fez ever closer to its own (now at last arrived) release date.

The dedication these guys have for their work absolutely amazed me. The personal sacrifices they make, the time they put in and the extent to which the end product becomes part of them is astonishing. It made me realise just how much I enjoy the more snack-size gratification that indie games offer, and how much of a unique experience that often is after being bored rigid by same-old AAA titles. This docu is a fascinating insight into what goes on behind the scenes in this often all too invisible world, and just how much blood, sweat and tears go into producing these games. The titles featured have been extremely successful, but I'm left with the feeling that none of the devs cared particularly about making money. They each just wanted to finish their game, close that chapter in their lives and move on to the next thing, and just keep making games that people liked and understood.

Indie Game: The Movie is $9.99, available to stream or download in glorious DRM-free HD. You should absolutely see it.