Introducing tweetvaultHQ

So I thought it was about time I wrote about my latest project: tweetvaultHQ. It launched a couple of weeks ago, and now things have settled down I've got time to write a bit about it and what the launch was like.

tweetvaultHQ is a hosted Twitter archiving service. Some time last year I got tired of not being able to effectively search my own tweet history (Twitter's global search only goes back a few days, and there's no per-profile search - you have to just keep paging through the timeline), and I thought it would be handy to have my own saved copy of my tweets. I'd also been doing quite a bit with the Twitter API at work, so I figured I'd build something.

Someone then suggested that a hosted version of that early app might be popular, so I refactored the code to support multiple users, added a bunch of features and was eventually in a position where I could demo the app at London Devnest at the beginning of this month. I got a really encouraging response from the audience there and the public beta of tweetvaultHQ went live a few days later.

So what's it all about, then? Well, tweetvaultHQ saves your tweets and favourites in an easily searchable archive. It will grab your tweets as far back into history as the Twitter API allows (currently 3200 tweets, hopefully more in the future), and grab all your favourites. As well as being able to search these collections, the app also presents a bunch of awesome stats on your Twitter activity, including graphs of tweets by month and a heatmap of your most active tweeting times during the day and week.

There's also an export utility so you can get your data out - in CSV, JSON, HTML and plain text. The JSON format emulates Twitter's own, meaning you can feed exports into other applications that consume Twitter data, should you wish.

tweetvaultHQ uses a subscription model, with a month's usage costing only £1 (or local equivalent). You can evaluate the app in trial mode (which retrieves up to 100 of your tweets and 24 favourites), or while we're still in beta you can use the code THQBETA for a month's free subscription.

Launching my first paid app has been a fantastic experience, culminating in the Devnest presentation - the response to which was incredibly inspiring. The feedback I've received on the app so far has been very constructive and I'm hoping user numbers will continue to grow as more people find out about it.

So, check it out, sign up and see what you think. You can follow the tech blog for info on updates as they happen. If you like the app, tell your friends or tweet or blog about it - your friends can use the above code as well for as long as the beta period lasts. I've got some big plans for the future of tweetvaultHQ and hopefully its success will only grow.