Introducing RXTK

I made a thing. A large part of my working afternoon today was spent working with crying over regular expressions, a fate variously described as "worse than death." Many moons ago I had access to a license for Komodo IDE, a fine PHP IDE that happens to include a utility called RX Toolbox.

RX Toolbox provides an interactive editor for regular expressions that highlights matches in sample text as you type; Komodo also costs many, many pesos. These two facts, while seemingly not related, combine to mean that I don't have access to RX Toolbox, and desperately need it. So this evening I decided I'd build my own utility to fill this gap: Rxtk.

Rxtk provides an easy-to-use interactive interface that allows you to enter sample text, a PCRE expression, specify a delimiter character and options, and see the expression's matches highlighted immediately. Eventually it'll support multipart matches (groups) and the like, but right now it fulfils the need I had, so I thought I'd get it released. Let me know what you think, eh?